Families at Summerlin

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Parenting is one of the most rewarding opportunities and one of the most important adventures that life has to offer! At Summerlin, we want to come along side of families to help them grow in God’s grace. Our children and youth ministries are here to help equip, encourage and support parents as they  embarque on one of the most importance adventures of their lives: raising kids.

Core Values of Children & Youth Ministry

  • More than anything, families need to know and apply the grace of God found in the Gospel to their everyday lives!
  • God’s word is central for encouraging and equipping families.
  • Because the Bible teaches that parents have the primary responsibility of raising their children, our children & youth ministries place a priority on encouraging, equipping and involving parents.
  •  Summerlin’s children and youth ministries place a high priority on teaching God’s word in a manner that will assist parents with their responsibility of equipping their kids to know and love Jesus Christ.
  • Throughout the Bible, you will see examples and exhortation for each generation impacting the other. Summerlin is a multi generations church and you will see every age from baby to 80 involved in our church. Because we see the incredible value that older adults have on children and children have on older adults, our children and youth ministries value and encourage parents, grandparents and senior adults in our church to get involved in the lives of the kids at Summerlin. No one is ever too old or too young at Summerlin!


  • The goals of our teaching ministries are to provide kids and parents with the tools to be able to give an answer to anyone who asks them for a reason for the hope they have in Jesus!
  • The goals of our children & youth special events are (1) to provide venues for our church family to impact families in the community with God’s love. (2) to provide opportunities for families to come together for encouragement and service to others. (3) to build relationship and to have fun together.